Experience Comfortable and Safe Dental Procedures with Hard Tissue Laser Technology

At The Dentists of Woodbridge, we believe in providing the best possible dental care to our patients. That's why we use the latest technology to ensure that your dental procedures are as comfortable and safe as possible. One of the cutting-edge technologies we use in our practice is hard tissue laser.

What is Hard Tissue Laser?

Hard tissue laser is a highly advanced dental tool that uses a laser to remove decayed areas from teeth and prepare them for fillings, crowns, or bridges. Unlike traditional dental drills, hard tissue laser technology is so safe and effective that it doesn't require anesthetic. This means that patients experience less pain, no injection, and no unpleasant sound or vibrations during the procedure.

Why do You Need Hard Tissue Laser Treatment?

The most common use of hard tissue laser technology is to remove decay from teeth. It's fast and efficient, which allows us to treat multiple teeth simultaneously, avoiding the need for additional appointments. Additionally, hard tissue laser technology is used for crown and bridge work. The laser removes the tooth structure, making it easier to place the crown or bridge.

Who is Eligible for Hard Tissue Laser Treatment?

At The Dentists of Woodbridge, we offer hard tissue laser treatment to everyone. Since no injections are required, the technology is safe for children and adults. The absence of vibrations and sounds during the procedure makes it ideal for those who are anxious about dental appointments.

What Happens During a Hard Tissue Laser Procedure?

During a hard tissue laser procedure, we'll make sure that you're comfortable before beginning the treatment. The decayed area of the tooth will be removed using the laser. The process is so quick and effective that no anesthesia is necessary, and there is no discomfort involved. After the decay is removed, we'll place the filling or take impressions for a crown or bridge. The procedure is quicker and easier than traditional methods, and patients usually find it more comfortable.

If you're interested in experiencing the benefits of hard tissue laser treatment, don't hesitate to contact us today. At The Dentists of Woodbridge, we're committed to providing exceptional dental care to all our patients. Call us now to schedule your appointment with Dr. Jablow, and take the first step towards a healthier, more beautiful smile.

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