Reliable Teen’s Dentistry at The Dentists of Woodbridge

At The Dentists of Woodbridge, we understand the importance of good dental care for teenagers. That’s why we offer reliable, safe, and effective dental care to teens of all ages. Our goal is to provide a relaxing and calm environment to benefit your teenager and make them more likely to come back regularly.

Why is Teen’s Dentistry Important?

Teen’s dentistry is essential because routine dental care is crucial to avoid tooth decay and gum disease. As teenagers continue to grow, they may require orthodontic care to help straighten their teeth. Our practice offers a variety of different treatments to improve their smile and prevent many different dental ailments.

Who is a Candidate for Teen’s Dentistry?

All teens are excellent candidates for our office's regular care. We also provide family care for infants, children, teens, and adults. Creating good habits early on helps your teen develop a habit of regular dental care that will continue into adulthood.

What Happens During a Typical Teen’s Dentistry Appointment?

At The Dentists of Woodbridge, a typical appointment for your teen will involve a cleaning and an exam. Our hygienist will work to clear away any plaque and tartar from their teeth so that their teeth and gums remain healthy. We may even offer preventative care options, like fluoride treatments and sealants, to keep their teeth healthy and strong. Our goal is to provide your teen with the care they need in a relaxed and comfortable setting.

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If you would like to schedule an appointment for your teenager, please call us today at (732) 636-3434. Our helpful staff members will assist you and answer any questions you may have. Our practice is located in Woodbridge, New Jersey, and Dr. Jablow is dedicated to providing exceptional dental care to all patients. You can also visit our website and email us at

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