Oral Cancer Screenings with VelScope at The Dentists of Woodbridge

At The Dentists of Woodbridge, we prioritize your oral health by offering state-of-the-art technology such as VelScope. This handheld device helps us detect unusual lesions and areas within the mouth that would go unnoticed with a typical examination. We believe oral cancer screenings are incredibly important to your overall health, and we recommend having these screenings done at least once a year, depending on your risk factors.

What is VelScope?

VelScope is a noninvasive, handheld device that works by illuminating unusual spots and lesions within the mouth that may look normal to the naked eye. This technology helps us detect oral cancer in its early stages, making it easier to treat and eradicate.

Why is VelScope needed?

If you are at risk for developing oral cancer, we may recommend VelScope in addition to a visual examination. Some of the factors that put you at greater risk of oral cancer include smoking and smokeless tobacco. If you’re a smoker or chew tobacco, we will typically recommend a more thorough examination.

Who is a candidate for VelScope?

Everyone coming into our office is a good candidate for a VelScope examination. In fact, we encourage regular VelScope exams to keep up with your oral health, especially if you’re a smoker. Early detection is key when it comes to more effective cancer treatment, and together, we will work to help find and eradicate the cancer that you may currently have.

What can be expected during VelScope treatment?

The VelScope exam is easy and quick. You will be seated in one of our examination rooms, where we will perform a visual oral cancer screening. This involves looking around the inside of the mouth as well as lifting the tongue and looking underneath. Next, we will use the VelScope handpiece, which is lightweight and noninvasive. The entire procedure takes just a few minutes, and we will share our findings with you immediately after performing the exam.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jablow and experience the benefits of VelScope or learn more about our Oral Cancer Screenings, please call us at (732) 636-3434 or email us at info@thedentistsofwoodbridge.com. We are located in Woodbridge, New Jersey, and serve patients in the surrounding areas with the highest quality dental care.

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